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We believe that intimacy with God, living in deep union with Him is not only the core of Christianity but the meaning of our whole existence. All of those huge existential questions of life come back to this truth - we are made to love Him and to be loved by Him, everything else flows from that. 

This is something that needs to be cultivated. It begins with the core belief that God's heart is unequivocally good....He is FOR us, He is WITH us. We are made for intimacy and fellowship with the trinity, its what our hearts have been longing for all this time. 


We see creativity as a way of openly approaching life rather than just the skills of our hands. It is one of the ways that we carry the glorious image of God, our Creator. He loves to create.

We see the hand and heart of a great artist in the natural world around us and we love to engage with the beauty and wildness that He has made, allowing it to bring nourishment to our souls, whilst stirring creativity within us. Inspired by the Kingdom and the love of our Creator God, we seek to approach church with similar creative passion and expression. 

A mindset of creativity allows us to be open and vulnerable, a movement of risk and beauty.


We run in the path of God’s commands because He has set our hearts free (Psalm 119). Our purposes are outworked from our identity as the Beloved. We seek to follow Jesus into mission with boldness and conviction, making disciples by bringing Gospel truth and proclaiming freedom for captives and a release from darkness. Walking in grace, humility and power we seek to bring a message of forgiveness and restoration, of beauty, joy and praise.

We believe in living in community with others and being involved in their discipleship; we believe in being salt and light in our local, national and global community by bringing the Gospel through love, word and deed. 


We believe that the Gospel of Jesus Christ really is Good News. We seek to continue the mission of Jesus; to impact believers, followers, searchers and those yet to know Him with the life-transforming message and reality of the Kingdom. We hope that our mission grows organically from our values of Intimacy, Creativity and Purpose. 

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