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Monthly Rhythm

The Discovery community follow a monthly rhythm for Sunday gatherings*. We hope these reflect the variety and dynamics of community life: 

*(Please note that this rhythm is subject to change during the summer months. Check the Facebook page for any changes.)

First Sunday - Creative Prayer and Worship Night. 5pm St Annes Dunbar. This is where we gather to pray and worship; to reflect and to intercede. This is always an encouraging time together.

Second Sunday - 10.30am at John Muir Country Park. We read scripture, pray and worship. 

Third Sunday - The Table. 10.30am. We gather around a bring and share brunch. If you can bring something to add to the table, but this is not essential, just bringing yourself is enough. Eating together is a simple and yet profoundly life-giving part of our community.

Fourth Sunday - 10.30am. John Muir Country Park. Time to get outside into the wonder and beauty of Creation. We have a walk or gather around the fire. 

Fifth Sunday (when there is one!!) - We'll gather to do something that serves our community. Time and location will vary depending on the need in the town or community. 

This is our summer rhythm. During the colder months we generally head for cover more regularly.  

On Tuesday nights we gather in various locations. Please message us or check Facebook for details.


Sunday Gatherings:

Usually 10.30am. Locations vary.

Tuesday Gatherings:
In one of our homes from 7.45pm. 

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