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We are fellowship who gather in unity and scatter with purpose and hope; who love deeply, walk humbly and dare greatly; who seek to discover sustainable rhythms in our lives as we explore the truths of the Bible and how it applies to our everyday situations; a fellowship who find our true identity through walking with Jesus; and who aim to always bring out the best in each other, encouraging each other towards wholeness. 


Discovery Church was birthed in 2016 when a few folks dared to step out and leave the shore with a 'yes' in response to the call of God to pioneer something fresh, creative and life-giving  in Dunbar. If we, as the church, really are living stones as Peter suggests, then our natural approach is to invest in and build community; to encourage people; to love and bless them; and to invite them into a bigger narrative, one that is truly epic. 


Discovery Church are part of the 24-7 Prayer, an international, interdenominational movement of prayer, mission and justice. 

For us, the 24-7 Communities network is our primary place of belonging, accountability and support. 


Dunbar is a small fishing/agricultural town, with a wee bit of surf, situated on the North Sea coast in East Lothian, Scotland. The area has a rich heritage and is built upon a history of battles, conquests and spiritual pilgrimages, all of which are synonymous with the area, whether on sea or on land. 


"Fortunately, around my native town of Dunbar by the stormy North Sea, there was no lack of wildness." - 

John Muir

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