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There has been no other man in the history of the world to have as much impact, influence and discussion as Jesus, the son of a carpenter from a little town called Nazareth in Israel. Innumerable wars, disputes, fractions and divisions have arisen from disagreements about this mysterious individual who lived more than 2000 years ago. And yet the book which documents his life continues to be a best seller around the world and those who follow his ways hold firm to their belief that through him they have discovered a depth of life, truth and transformation never experienced before.


If for a moment we suppose that those things written about him in the Bible are true, well than that changes everything. This man is incredible… and not really that mysterious. He is love personified, his compassion knows no boundaries and his ability to comfort the hurting is pure symphony to the downtrodden; his humility is that of someone who has tasted the One before whom he kneels and surrenders; his dedication to his personal mission is matched only by his fierce intentionality to remove all barriers to the Father; his tenderness is enough to break even the wildest horse and his mercy extends to farthest reaches of all humanity; he is wildly and intricately creative; in knife-edge moments he disarms would-be murders cloaked in falsehood and religion and he redeems prostitutes and raises them to a place of true intimacy in his Kingdom.


John, a fisherman and friend of Jesus, wrote a couple of books and letters about him so that “…you can experience it along with us, this experience of communion with the Father and his Son, Jesus Christ.” Earlier in his life he wrote that through Jesus all things have been made and that all things find life through him. Now we too find life through Jesus, we get to experience him, this incredible man for ourselves, not just know about him and read about him but to live and walk with him, intimately as a friend, brother, Saviour and King; we get to taste the Kingdom of God with him. Ah, it’s just too beautiful.

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